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Kenshikai Kids

"Start Them Young and Watch Them Grow" 

Kenshikai Kids is a Japanese based karate style that targets all areas that pre and primary school kids need in order to grow in the sport of karate. Our main focus is on kids ages 3 - 13 where we teach them the fundamentals of karate and from there they can grow their skills and knowledge of Kenshikai Karate before moving on to our evening dojo's.

Kenshikai Kids: Welcome

Kenshikai Kids Instructor

Sensei Sherilyn Onslow (4th Dan)

Sensei Sherilyn is a 4th degree black belt in Kenshikai Karate. With 23 years experience she believes that passing on her knowledge and love of karate and self-defence to our youth is essential. Under the tutelage of her Instructors and mentors Kyoshi Shaun Burgess and Kyoshi Bernadine Burgess she graded to her 1st Degree black belt in New York City, USA, in October 2007, at the young age of 14 years old. Since then she has competed in numerous tournament events all over the world including the 4th Kyokushinkai Karate European Championships (IFK) - in Crawley, England as well as the 19th and 23rd USA Kyokushinkai Karate Knockdown Championships (IFK) - in Rochester, N.Y - USA.

Sensei Sherilyn's love for teaching and instructing karate really grew when she opened her first dojo at the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre in Kibler Park. Since then she has grown her dojo base to many schools and clubs around Johannesburg South and West Rand. 

Her motto and belief for Kenshikai Kids is "Start them young and watch them grow" as she believes that all kids can grow to achieve amazing heights  with Kenshikai Karate.

Kenshikai Kids: About
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